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High Barn
Of all our wood storage sheds, the High Barn is the most popular style and will look very attractive in your backyard! The High Barn gives you the most storage space for your money.

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While the standard wall height is 6' 4", many customers choose the 7' 4" wall height when purchasing the High Barn for added space and utility.


The unique overhead loft design is exactly what you need for storing those out-of-season clothes, Christmas decorations, unused furniture, small boxes and household items that would otherwise clutter your house.

Bald Eagle Barns gives you this unique loft design with every High Barn. Best of all, it comes at no extra charge!

The High Barn is also ideal for storing your 4-wheeler, lawn mower, garden tools, wood working equipment, and so forth. You may also choose to place the door on the side of your High Barn at no extra charge. We even give you the option of an overhead door so you can drive your car, Sports Utility Vehicle, large lawnmower or golf car inside. Having your own portable building is much more secure and convenient for storing your valuables than driving to the local mini-storage. We are happy to carry numerous varying styles of High Barns in our Cabot, AR stock to ensure prompt delivery. For those of you who are looking for a more economical lifestyle, you may want to consider our High Barn for your next house. In today's economy, many people are finding this a very practical, cost effective housing opportunity.
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