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Rent-To-Own Portable Building & Metal Carports in Cabot, AR

  • Rent-To-Own offers affordable storage at a low rate.
  • End the need for running into town to pick-up or drop-off your stuff. It’s all at home with Rent-To-Own!
  • Flexibility: you may buy the building at any time for only 60% of the remaining payments.
  • No documentation fees or credit origination fees!
  • Easy setup: for the initial payment, we collect only the first month's payment plus a security deposit.
  • No penalty for early payoff!
  • Safety first: storing your valuables in your backyard is much safer than somewhere in town.
  • Personalize your own mouse-proof storage room!
  • Free delivery to your backyard!
  • Rent it for 36 or 48 months; own it for a lifetime!

All Bald Eagle Barns Rent-To-Own storage buildings provide our customers with a hassle-free method of purchasing one of our quality wood storage sheds on a monthly payment plan if they are unable to pay the cash price upfront. For many people, this is a practical option to bring extra storage to your home at an affordable rate. To save you the hassle, we simply write the contract in-house and deliver your building from our Cabot inventory to your backyard or business as soon as possible.
Rent-to-Own compares with renting a storage unit in town. The difference is that you can rent the storage unit in town for all your life and still not own it, simply because 100% of your payment goes to pay the monthly rental fee. With the Bald Eagle Rent-to-Own Plan, only 40% of your payment goes to pay the monthly rent, and a full 60% of your payment goes to pay down the initial price of your building. We also offer the fantastic option of paying your building off early with no penalty. When you payoff early, you pay only 60% of the remaining contract balance. This translates to a full 40% discount! You only pay rent for the months that your building is on the Bald Eagle Rent-to-Own Plan.

Getting started is very simple. We simply collect the first month's payment plus a security deposit. The security deposit amount is based on the size of the building. 8' and 10' wide buildings are $100, 12' wide buildings are $200, and 14' wide buildings are $400. This deposit along with your first month's payment is paid at our Cabot office. The security deposit is refunded to you at the time of payoff (the only time this security deposit is not refunded is if the building is returned to us). We will then deliver the building from our Cabot, AR location to your site and set it up for you. A statement will arrive by mail each month; all payments are due the first day of each month. They are not late unless received in our Cave City office after the tenth of the month. For your convenience, you have several choices on how you can pay your bill. You can pay in person at our Cave City office, through the mail, over the phone using your credit or debit card or online.
You can own your building in 36 or 48 months! However, you are not required to keep your building. If the building becomes a financial burden to you at any time throughout the rental period, just call us and we will arrange to have the building picked up. Your credit will remain unaffected. Call us in Cabot, AR today to order your mouse-proof Rent-to-Own building. We always provide free delivery and setup!
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